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Influencer Marketing

Course Overview:

In the last few years, influencers have taken the world by storm – proving how social media can give us so much space to showcase talent and make it big in life.

No marketing strategy (whether for a big MNC or a small business) is complete without Influencers being a pivotal part of it. All industries have benefited from influencer partnerships yet there is still so much confusion with regards to how to find the right influencers, which influencers to work with and how to incorporate good influencer content into campaigns. This course will take you from basics to strategy to real-life implementation!

The course aims to introduce students to the exponentially growing influencer marketing industry with a core focus on how to develop influencer strategies. It is suitable for marketing professionals, business owners as well as those looking to monetise their public platforms.

Course Content Detail​s

Learning Outcomes:

In depth understanding of IM industry – how effective it is and where the industry is headed
In depth understanding of type and categories of Influencers – including how to read and interpret influencer demographics and content stats
Understanding of SM platforms
Understanding of content formats
Ability to formulate strategies and design influencer campaigns
Understanding of global and local Influencer market

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