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PPC - SEM / Google Advertisement

Basic computer knowledge
Basic Microsoft Excel knowledge
Own a website, landing page or Facebook page for promotion
No digital marketing/ Google Ads (Adwords) experience required
Google Ads search promotion (Search Engine Marketing, SEM) is a pay-per-click digital marketing promotion method that displays advertisements on search results pages through keyword ranking. It can help you to reach potential customers accurately and effectively.

Since netizens search in search engines is a proactive behaviour for need fulfilment, if advertisers can provide corresponding products or services to fulfil their needs, transactions maybe happened.

In addition, through Google Ads search promotion (Search Engine Marketing), advertisers can promote their websites automatically 24 hours/7 days in Google through Google Ads SEM. They can save time on promotion and focus on other important areas.

Course Content Detail​s

What you can learn from this course:

– How to design an effective Google Ads campaign and set up the account from scratch by using a professional agency approach

– Download the SEM workbook and start to construct the account step by step

– How to use Google Editor to upload a tone of materials in a minute

– How to conduct keyword research, environmental analysis, and competitor analysis through Google Keyword Planner

– Download the keyword proposal template to consolidate a huge of materials

– How to use Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics (GA4), conversion setting and remarketing to assist the promotion

– How the search engines work

– Basic knowledge about PPC/SEM strategy, such as F-pattern, bid strategies, ad extensions formats, ad rank, etc.

– How to generate reports for evaluating performance

…and much more!

Course Main Features:

1. Learn how to use Google Ads Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to reach your target audience, promote your website/ business and get sales

2. Go from theories to execution, and how to design an effective SEM campaign from scratch by using a professional agency approach

3. Get the Google Ads Search Certification to become one of the digital marketing professionals

Why you should apply for the course?

1. Google SEM is one of the most important digital marketing tools in the world.

2. Learn Google Ads from a systematic agency approach, from theories, strategies, execution to optimization.

3. The instructor has been managed over 1,000 SEM clients.

Who this course is for:
Business owners/ Entrepreneurs
Marketing Professionals
Website/ E-shop owners
Account Manager/ Sales in advertising industry
Anybody who are interested in digital marketing/ PPC Advertising/ Search Engine Marekting (SEM)

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